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Probador automático de estabilidad de oxidación de gasolina por método de período de inducción

The ASTM D525 Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Analyzer is designed according to ASTM D525, it adopts the metal bath, widely applied to determine the oxidation stability of gasoline under accelerated oxidation conditions.
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GD-8018D Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester by Induction Period Method


What's the oxidative stability of gasoline?

The ability of gasoline to maintain its long-term stability during its normal storage and use is referred to as the oxidative stability of gasoline. The oxidation stability of oil products depends on the content of unsaturated hydrocarbons and harmful impurities in gasoline. Under certain conditions (temperature, oxygen in the air, catalysis of metals, sunlight, etc.), unsaturated hydrocarbons are rapidly oxidized, polymerized, and formed into colloids and acids. The accumulation of gelatinous material will rapidly deteriorate the suitability of gasoline. So what is the index to evaluate the oxidation stability of gasoline? The main indexes to evaluate the oxidation stability of gasoline are iodine, sulfur content, acidity, actual gum, induction period, etc. Induction period refers to: gasoline under certain conditions (100℃, oxygen pressure 7*98.0665kPa) in contact with oxygen, from the beginning to the gasoline absorbs oxygen accelerated oxidation, pressure significantly decreased until the time known as gasoline induction period, the unit is min. The shorter the induction period of gasoline, the worse the stability, the faster the gum formation speed, the national standard stipulated that the induction period is not less than 480min (480 minutes). The long induction period indicates that the oxidation stability of gasoline is good to a certain extent, and this gasoline is suitable for long-term storage.

The automatic gasoline oxidation stability tester is designed and made as per national standard of People's Republic of China GB/T8018-87 Gasoline - Determination of oxidation stability - Induction period method. It is suitable to determine the oxidation stability of gasoline. It can also be used to do determination as per ASTM D525 Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Gasoline by Induction Period Method. 


1.The automatic gasoline oxidation stability tester adopts the desktop structure,integrated design,the test part and control part united as one,high integration,no external computer,mouse and key board.

2.Adopting built-in industrial personal computer(IPC),automation work mode,10.1 inch color touch LCD display,Windows operation system,all English version interface,good outlook and convenient operating.

3.Metal bath. No pollution. No need to adding water.

4.Double holes design to test two samples at the same time.It's easy to do the parallel test.

5.Well designed heat preservation system. It can save energy as well as prevent operator from scalding.

6.The bomb assembly is unit-body design. It shorts the pressure testing pipe and makes the pressure determination more accurate. It also guarantees the bomb being well sealed to make the test result more reliable. 

7.Color LCD real-time display the two bomb test curve chart, two bombs comparative curve chart,time and pressure etc relative data.The time of curve graph will be changed automatically according to the real time length of curve,the maximum 3000 minutes,wide application and direct reading test results.

8.High automatic software design,automatically running,friendly human-machine interface.

9.Oxygen bomb location hole design,it's convenient for operator to disassemble the cover of oxygen bom in holes,and easy to put the oxygen bomb during the test.


1 ASTM D525 Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester by Induction Period Method
2 Heating power Less 1000W, the actual heating power is automatically controlled by computer
3 Measuring range of oxygen bomb pressure transmitter (0~1600)kPa, accuracy:±2‰
4 Temperature control point of metal bath 100.0ºC±1ºC
5 Thermometer Mercury-in glass thermometer, can correct coefficient as need
6 Ambient temperature ≤40ºC
7 Relative humidity ≤85%
8 Dimensions

470mm×380mm×320mm(L*W*H without test barrel)

470mm×380mm×600mm(L*W*H with test barrel)

Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester by Induction Period Method

Oxidation Stability Analyzer

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